In cities across India, there is a lack of accessible and robust public data. Citizens often do not have access to quantitative information that helps them understand the state of their neighborhood and their city, as well as support their demands of the local government. is a repository of city-related public data from government sources, via RTI or open data processes. All data will be in open data format and free to download; the data is licensed under ODbL and Creative Commons Share Alike.

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Data Catalogue

Bengaluru Ward Information GovernmentBengaluru  MAP Which ward is in which Zone, Assembly constituency, etc
BBMP Officers Contact numbers GovernmentBengaluruContact number of concerned officers for each ward in Bengaluru
Garbage Dumps EnvironmentBengaluru  MAP Garbage Dump locations reported by Citizens
Bengaluru Lakes EnvironmentBengaluruData on Lakes in each of BBMP wards
Bengaluru Parks EnvironmentBengaluruData on the parks in each ward
Number of schools in Bengaluru's wards EducationBengaluruNumber of schools in each of Bengaluru’s wards
Bengaluru Playgrounds EnvironmentBengaluruData on the Playgrounds in each ward
Bengaluru Streetlights GovernmentBengaluruNumber of streetlights in each of Bengaluru's wards
Bangalore Ward Area and Road lengths GovernmentBengaluruLength of roads and area of each ward
Bangalore bus stops by wardTransportationBengaluruNumber of bus stops in Bengaluru by ward
Bangalore Ward Names OldGovernmentBengaluruWard names with BBMP was BMP
Pre-BBMP Election Survey –ElectionBengaluru
BBMP Poll ResultsElectionBengaluru
BBMP Re-Elected Candidates Affidavits ElectionBengaluru
BBMP Ward ReservationsElectionBengaluru
BBMP Ward Reservations –- Female
BBMP Poll Statistics – ElectionElectionBengaluru
Assembly wise Election ResultsElectionBengaluru
BBMP RestructuringGovernmentBengaluru
Primary Census Abstract GovernmentBengaluru
Bangalore City Police Stations Public SafetyBengaluru
Census BangaloreGovernmentBengaluru
BBMP Referral HospitalsHealthBengaluru
Public Toilets GovernmentBengaluru
Tree cutting for MetroEnvironmentBengaluru
Bus Timings TransportationBengaluru
Vaayu Vajra Routes TransportationBengaluru
City and Sub Urban Bus Routes TransportationBengaluru
Bus stops TransportationBengaluru
Bus Routes TransportationBengaluru
BMTC Big 10TransportationBengaluru
BMTC Bus stopsTransportationBengaluru
Bangalore PreschoolsEducationBengaluru
Bangalore SchoolsEducationBengaluru
Ward Wise Water Consumption GovernmentBengaluru
Water Tanker PricesGovernmentBengaluru
Bengaluru Rainfall DataWeatherBengaluru
BBMP Maternity Hospitals HealthBengaluru
BBMP Hospital ListHealthBengaluru
Incidents of Dengue Jan to Sept HealthBengaluru
Water Tanker Prices Jan to Feb UtilitiesBengaluru
Cloud Cover WeatherBengaluru
Venkatappa Art Gallery Bookings
Arts and CultureBengaluru
Chennai Bridges
Bus Route Road Relaid

Chennai Assembly Election Results 2011
Monthly Temperature October WeatherBengaluru
Monthly Temperature September WeatherBengaluru
Monthly Temperature August WeatherBengaluru
Monthly Temperature July WeatherBengaluru
Monthly Temperature June WeatherBengaluru
Monthly Temperature May WeatherBengaluru
Monthly Temperature April WeatherBengaluru
Monthly Temperature March WeatherBengaluru
Monthly Temperature Feb WeatherBengaluru
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