Great Chennai Corporation: Capital Deposits

Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018 Results 

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Major Head
Major Account
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Minor Account
Minor Account Code
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D P Code
2012-13 Actuals
2013-14 Budget Estimates
2013-14 Revised Estimates
2013-14 Actuals
2014-15 Budget Estimates
2014-15 Revised Estimates
2015-16 Budget Estimates
RecoveriesDeposits Received340.0Tender Deposits340-10-01-02-340-10-04-02597.22700.0600.01277.78600.0600.01000.0
RecoveriesDeposit Works341.0Deposits341-10-04-01-341-20-01-021444.951400.01500.01477.231500.01500.01500.0
Total Recoveries2042.172100.02100.02755.012100.02100.02500.0
Out GoingsDeposits Received340.0Tender Deposits340-10-01-02-340-10-04-02444.93600.0500.0710.03600.0500.0500.0
Out GoingsDeposit Works341.0Deposits341-10-04-01-341-20-01-02157.74100.0180.035.69200.0200.0200.0
Total Out Goings602.67700.0680.0745.72800.0700.0700.0
Total Capital Deposits1439.51400.01420.02009.291300.01400.01800.0

Great Chennai Corporation: Capital Deposits
License:CC BY-SA 2.5 IN: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 India
Notes:Figures are presented in units of Rs. Lakhs

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