BBMP PK (Pourakarmika) Details Ward 93 (Vasanth Nagar) – 2017

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  1. Dasamma Sumaru 18 Varshagalinda pourakarmika raagi Vasantanagara ward 93 Alli seve sallisuttiddare…Avara anarogyada karana Beralachinna(Thumbing information) Dina avaru kelsakke bandiruvudilla…So iga Avaru kelsakke barutiddaru kuda pratidina beralacchu(Thumb) Maadalu aaguttilla…Dayavittu Avarige Sahaya maadi …avara Pourakarmika RegNo:::8935332

  2. in Kumarapark West paCKAGE, (under vasanthanagar) four pourakarmikas names are missing. they have been working for the last 10 years and i have brought this to the notice of the concerned Ae and Health Inspector several times. Names are as follows: 1) Penchallamma 2) L. NARSAMMA. 3) Ganga 4) Narsimulu. please add their names as they have been working in the area and most of us residents do know them well.

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