BBMP Street ID Map : Ward 178 – Sarakki

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Ward No
Ward Name
Road Type
Street Id
Street Name
Length in Meters
South178SarakkiIntermediate RoadI00029th Crs 1st Phase J P Nagar2216.97
South178SarakkiIntermediate RoadI005924th Main Rd187.74
South178SarakkiIntermediate RoadI01459th Main J P Nagara 2nd Phase306.62
South178SarakkiIntermediate RoadI016213th Crs145.07
South178SarakkiIntermediate RoadI016213th Crs46.05
South178SarakkiIntermediate RoadI0163127.56
South178SarakkiIntermediate RoadI01906th Crs70.48
South178SarakkiIntermediate RoadI019220th Crs162.27
South178SarakkiIntermediate RoadI019325th Main Rd190.29
South178SarakkiIntermediate RoadI019723rd Main Rd 5th Phase121.96
South178SarakkiIntermediate RoadI019922nd Main Rd 5th Phase124.43
South178SarakkiIntermediate RoadI020217th Crs J P Nagar 5th Phase144.07
South178SarakkiIntermediate RoadI020217th Crs J P Nagar 5th Phase210.25
South178SarakkiIntermediate RoadI020443.98
South178SarakkiIntermediate RoadI020817th A Crs J P Nagar 5th Phase167.67
South178SarakkiIntermediate RoadI0213103.3
South178SarakkiIntermediate RoadI02212nd Main Rd96.14
South178SarakkiMajor RoadM0021Outer Ring Rd2208.05
South178SarakkiMajor RoadM017924th Main Rd J P Nagar 1st Phase456.51
South178SarakkiMajor RoadM0189Kanakapura Rd553.88
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW000150.15
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW000359.34
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW0004100.66
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW000540th Main Rd S B I Colony191.47
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW00069th B Crs S B I Colony213.04
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW000738.3
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW00089th C Crs S B I Colony147.37
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW000984.16
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW00109th C Crs Sarakki Village248.63
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW001122.15
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW001224.86
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW001332.69
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW001448.41
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW001579.74
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW001665.93
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW001740.07
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW00189th D Crs Sarakki Village170.75
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW001932.99
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW00209th E Crs Sarakki Village217.04
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW002175.08
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW00223rd Main Sarakki Village167.32
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW00239th Crs Sarakki Village175.64
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW00243rd Main Rd94.63
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW00257th Main Sarakki Village125.8
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW002613th Crs Sarakki Village917.61
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW00279th Crs Sarakki Village98.56
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW002844.32
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW002967.98
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW003014th Crs Sarakki Village200.17
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW00313rd E Main Sarakki Village34.83
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW003214th Crs Viewers Colony Sarakki Village196.48
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW0033102.19
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW003414th A Crs Viewers Colony Sarakki Village192.25
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW00356th Main Sarakki Village189.17
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW003614th B Crs Viewers Colony Sarakki Village195.05
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW00373rd D Main Rd15.73
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW003871.26
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW00395th Main Sarakki Village172.8
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW004014th Crs Viewers Colony116.95
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW00413rd D Main Sarakki Village204.51
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW0042126.33
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW00434th Main Sarakki Village313.64
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW004484.61
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW004513th Crs Sarakki Village107.18
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW0046113.98
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW00473rd C Main Sarakki Village96.6
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW004814th E Crs Viewers Colony Sarakki Village293.83
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW0049155.74
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW005015th Crs Sarakki Village198.63
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW00513rd B Main Rd97.47
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW005210th Crs Sarakki Rd43.06
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW0053126.18
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW005410th Crs Sarakki Village115.41
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW005591.99
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW0056Sarakki Main Rd63.41
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW00573rd Main Rd32.03
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW0058101.3
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW0059183.25
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW006048.15
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW00613rd Main Sarakki Viilage163.23
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW006211th Crs Sarakki Village157.15
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW006388.38
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW006462.9
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW0065Sarakki Main Road333.61
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW006660.26
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW006732.44
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW006897.93
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW006911th Crs97.12
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW007095.15
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW007142.18
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW007211th Crs Sarakki Village89.11
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW007345.57
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW007411th Crs Sarakki Village83.09
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW007516.38
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW007631.93
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW0077193.93
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW007812th Crs Sarakki Village Rd352.4
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW007944.5
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW0080133.48
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW008177.25
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW008281.89
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW0083106.93
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW008448.51
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW0085237.69
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW008611th Crs J P Nagara 1st Phase Rd376.74
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW008733rd Main 1st Phase J P Nagara109.41
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW008812th Crs J P Nagara 1st Phase Rd328.86
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW00892nd Main Sarakki Village305.5
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW009012th A Crs J P Nagar 1st Stage382.56
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW0091292.26
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW009213th Crs J P Nagara 1st Phase Rd210.72
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW009330th Main Rd239.97
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW009410th Crs362.35
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW009534th Main Rd152.92
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW009610th A Crs363.28
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW009733rd Main Rd152.77
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW009810th B Crs363.92
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW009932nd Main Rd152.78
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW010011th Crs364.4
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW010131st Main Rd225.23
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW010211th A Crs365.07
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW010328th Main Rd236.9
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW010411th B Crs483.77
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW010528th Main Rd151.68
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW010674.82
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW010727th Main Rd116.58
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW010812th Main Rd218.69
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW010926th Main Rd117.47
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW011013th Crs Rd113.6
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW011125th Main Rd387.32
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW011213th A Crs Rd113.37
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW011323rd Main Rd J P Nagara 2nd Phase339.5
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW011429th Main Rd152.69
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW011522nd Main Rd J P Nagara 2nd Phase188.56
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW011634.54
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW011722nd Main Rd J P Nagara 2nd Phase164.53
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW011830th Main Rd113.48
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW011921st Main Rd J P Nagara 2nd Phase451.15
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW012013th Main Rd226.16
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW012120th Main Rd J P Nagara 2nd Phase389.22
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW012214th Crs, 1st Phase J P Nagar1066.16
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW012319th Main J P Nagara 2nd Phase221.57
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW012410th Crs J P Nagara 2nd Phase164.54
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW012518th Main J P Nagara 2nd Phase168.66
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW012610th Crs J P Nagara 2nd Phase503
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW012755.57
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW012811th Crs J P Nagara 2nd Phase91.58
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW012917th Main J P Nagara 2nd Phase386.27
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW013011th Crs J P Nagara 2nd Phase378.57
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW013162.18
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW013211th A Crs J P Nagara 2nd Phase381.52
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW013399.62
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW013411th A Crs J P Nagara 2nd Phase90.34
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW013563.92
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW013611th B Crs J P Nagara 2nd Phase140.49
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW0137101.35
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW013811th B Crs J P Nagara 2nd Phase385.32
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW013996.55
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW014012th Crs J P Nagara 2nd Phase671.6
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW014115th Main Rd J P Nagara 2nd Phase222.28
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW014212th A Crs J P Nagara 2nd Phase90.26
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW014314th Main Rd J P Nagara 2nd Phase436.65
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW014412th B Crs J P Nagara 2nd Phase89.52
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW014613th Crs J P Nagara 2nd Phase88.84
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW0147Industry Rd154.09
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW014813th A Crs J P Nagara 2nd Phase88.5
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW015014th Main Rd J P Nagara 2nd Phase209.35
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW0151Jaragahalli Rd154.04
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW015212th B Crs J P Nagara 2nd Phase237.48
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW015333.98
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW015435.85
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW015613th Crs J P Nagara 2nd Phase160.51
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW015711th Crs J P Nagar 1st Stage296.76
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW015814.15
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW0160Sarakki Agrahara121.61
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW016134th Main Rd89.72
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW016333 A Main Rd194.56
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW016478.37
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW016533rd Main Rd55.46
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW016625.52
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW016761.03
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW016814th Crs J P Nagara 2nd Phase190.38
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW016933rd Main 6th Phase Rd247.95
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW017014th Crs J P Nagara 2nd Phase160.73
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW017132nd Main Rd155.88
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW017214th Crs J P Nagara 2nd Phase127.26
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW017331st Main Rd 6th Phase162.45
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW017416th Crs, 6th Phase810.97
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW017530th B Main Rd 6th Phase J P Nagar86.14
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW017617th A Crs, 6th Phase653.81
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW017730th A Main 6th Phase J P Nagar174.74
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW017817th B Crs149.55
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW017930th A Main 6th Phase J P Nagar215.54
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW018017th C Crs128.68
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW018217th C Crs103.16
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW0183136.6
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW018417th D Crs77.98
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW018597.53
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW018617th A Crs93.36
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW018797.74
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW018833 A Main Rd125.2
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW018998.19
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW019198.3
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW0194398.57
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW019617th Crs71.79
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW019816th Crs J P Nagar 5th Phase353.88
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW0200546.79
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW0201306.69
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW020319th B Main J P Nagar 5th Phase70.6
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW020519th A Main Rd J P Nagar 5th Phase74.71
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW020619th A Crs J P Nagar 5th Phase91.11
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW020719th B Main Rd J P Nagar 5th Phase78.14
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW020918th A Main Rd J P Nagar 5th Phase82.04
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW021118th Main Rd J P Nagar 5th Phase102.83
South178SarakkiMinor RoadW0215100
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