Bengaluru City Police, Commissioners List

1Shri. C. Chandy, IPS01-07-1963 to 19-04-1966
2Shri. Kadhar Ali, IPS20-04-1966 to 31-10-1968
3Shri. Veera Badhraiah, IPS31-10-1968 to 01-06-1972
4Shri. K.G. Ramanna, IPS02-06-1972 to 19-09-1973
5Shri. M. L. Chandra Shekar, IPS20-09-1973 to 01-06-1976
6Shri. T. Albert Manoraj, IPS02-06-1976 to 31-10-1976
7Shri. B.M. Garudachar, IPS31-10-1976 to 30-12-1980
8Shri. A.R. Nizamuddin, IPS31-12-1980 to 02-03-1983
9Shri. P.G. Arlankar, IPS02-03-1983 to 08-12-1986
10Shri. K.U.Balakrishna Rao, IPS08-12-1986 to 31-10-1987
11Shri. A.R. Sridharan, IPS31-10-1987 to 01-12-1988
12Shri. S.N.S. Murthy, IPS01-12-1988 to 05-06-1989
13Shri. Ramalingam, IPS05-06-1989 to 31-07-1992
14Shri. Chandulal, IPS31-07-1992 to 15-09-1993
15Shri. P. Kodanda Ramaiah, IPS15-09-1993 to 21-12-1994
16Shri. T. Srinivasalu, IPS21-12-1994 to 13-06-1996
17Shri. S.C. Burman, IPS13-06-1996 to 02-04-1997
18Shri. L. Revanasiddaiah, IPS14-04-1997 to 18-11-1999
19Shri. Madiyal, IPS19-11-1999 to 31-10-2001
20Shri. H.T. Sangliayana , IPS31-10-2001 to 21-10-2002
21Shri. M.D. Singh, IPS21-10-2002 to 02-05-2003
22Shri. Mariswamy, IPS02-05-2003 to 08-06-2005
23Shri. Ajay Kumar Singh, IPS08-06-2005 to 21-06-2006
24Shri. Achyut Rao, IPS21-06-2006 to 11-07-2008
25Shri. Shankar M. Bidari, IPS11-07-2008 to 02-05-2011
26Shri. Jyothi Prakash Mirji, IPS02-05-2011 to 05-04-2013
27Shri. Ragavendra H. Auradkar, IPS05-04-2013 to 20-05-2013
28Shri. Jyothi Prakash Mirji, IPS20-05-2013 to 30-06-2013
29Shri. Ragavendra H. Auradkar, IPS30-06-2013 to 21-07-2014
30M.N.Reddi, IPS21-07-2014 to 31-07-2015
31N. S. Megharikh, IPS31-07-2015 to 31-12-2016
32Sri Praveen Sood, IPS01-01-2017 to 31-07-2017
33T. Suneel Kumar, IPS31-07-2017 to till date
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