HDMC (Hubli-Dharwad Municipal Corporation) Ward Information with Map View

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Details of the wards below

Sl No.
Assembly Constituency
11ZONE 1 Hubli-Dharwad- West (AC-74)
22ZONE 1 Hubli-Dharwad- West (AC-74)
33ZONE 3Dharwad (AC-71)
44ZONE 3Dharwad (AC-71)
55ZONE 2Dharwad (AC-71)
66ZONE 2Dharwad (AC-71)
77ZONE 2Dharwad (AC-71)
88ZONE 2Dharwad (AC-71)
99ZONE 2Dharwad (AC-71)
1010ZONE 2Dharwad (AC-71)
1111ZONE 2Hubli-Dharwad- West (AC-74)
1212ZONE 3Hubli-Dharwad- West (AC-74)
1313ZONE 1Hubli-Dharwad- West (AC-74)
1414ZONE 1Hubli-Dharwad- West (AC-74)
1515ZONE 3Hubli-Dharwad- West (AC-74)
1616ZONE 12Hubli-Dharwad- West (AC-74)
1717ZONE 1Hubli-Dharwad- West (AC-74)
1818ZONE 12Hubli-Dharwad- West (AC-74)
1919ZONE 12Hubli-Dharwad- West (AC-74)
2020ZONE 12Hubli-Dharwad- West (AC-74)
2121ZONE 12Hubli-Dharwad- West (AC-74)
2222ZONE 4Hubli-Dharwad- West (AC-74)
2323ZONE 4Hubli-Dharwad- West (AC-74)
2424ZONE 4Hubli-Dharwad- Central (AC-73)
2525ZONE 5Hubli-Dharwad- Central (AC-73)
2626ZONE 5Hubli-Dharwad- Central (AC-73)
2727ZONE 5Hubli-Dharwad- Central (AC-73)
2828ZONE 5Hubli-Dharwad- Central (AC-73)
2929ZONE 6Hubli-Dharwad- Central (AC-73)
3030ZONE 6Hubli-Dharwad- Central (AC-73)
3131ZONE 6Hubli-Dharwad- Central (AC-73)
3232ZONE 6Hubli-Dharwad- Central (AC-73)
3333ZONE 6Hubli-Dharwad- Central (AC-73)
3434ZONE 5Hubli-Dharwad- Central (AC-73)
3535ZONE 5Hubli-Dharwad- West (AC-74)
3636ZONE 7Hubli-Dharwad- West (AC-74)
3737ZONE 7Hubli-Dharwad- West (AC-74)
3838ZONE 7Hubli-Dharwad- Central (AC-73)
3939ZONE 7Hubli-Dharwad- Central (AC-73)
4040ZONE 7Hubli-Dharwad- Central (AC-73)
4141ZONE 10Hubli-Dharwad- East (SC) (AC-72)
4242ZONE 10Hubli-Dharwad- Central (AC-73)
4343ZONE 10Hubli-Dharwad- Central (AC-73)
4444ZONE 9Hubli-Dharwad- Central (AC-73)
4545ZONE 9Hubli-Dharwad- East (SC) (AC-72)
4646ZONE 5Hubli-Dharwad- Central (AC-73)
4747ZONE 8Hubli-Dharwad- Central (AC-73)
4848ZONE 6Hubli-Dharwad- East (SC) (AC-72)
4949ZONE 6Hubli-Dharwad- East (SC) (AC-72)
5050ZONE 8Hubli-Dharwad- East (SC) (AC-72)
5151ZONE 8Hubli-Dharwad- East (SC) (AC-72)
5252ZONE 8Hubli-Dharwad- East (SC) (AC-72)
5353ZONE 9Hubli-Dharwad- East (SC) (AC-72)
5454ZONE 9Hubli-Dharwad- East (SC) (AC-72)
5555ZONE 11Hubli-Dharwad- East (SC) (AC-72)
5656ZONE 8Hubli-Dharwad- East (SC) (AC-72)
5757ZONE 11Hubli-Dharwad- East (SC) (AC-72)
5858ZONE 11Hubli-Dharwad- East (SC) (AC-72)
5959ZONE 11Hubli-Dharwad- East (SC) (AC-72)
6060ZONE 10Hubli-Dharwad- East (SC) (AC-72)
6161ZONE 10Hubli-Dharwad- East (SC) (AC-72)
6262ZONE 10Hubli-Dharwad- East (SC) (AC-72)
6363ZONE 10Hubli-Dharwad- East (SC) (AC-72)
6464ZONE 10Hubli-Dharwad- East (SC) (AC-72)
6565ZONE 10Hubli-Dharwad- East (SC) (AC-72)
6666ZONE 11Hubli-Dharwad- East (SC) (AC-72)
6767ZONE 11Hubli-Dharwad- East (SC) (AC-72)
Credit:Ottilie Anban Kumar
License:odbl: Open Data Base License

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