Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC), Drainage Pumping Stations & Sewage Treatment Plants

Sl No.
Sl No
Name of the Pumping Station
No of Pumps
Telephone No.
1Pumping Station1Maniktala Drainage PS5033 23501166
2Pumping Station2Belgachia2
3Pumping Station3Beerpara(Old Station)2
4Pumping Station4Beerpara(New Station)6
5Pumping Station5Ultadanga Siphon1
6Pumping Station6Maniktala Siphon1
7Pumping Station7Marcus Square DPS2
8Pumping Station8PS-I (beside Ramkrishna Mahasasan)4
9Pumping Station9PS-II (KP Singh Road)4
10Pumping Station10PS-III (14/4, BT Road)4
11Pumping Station11Bangur MPS5
12Pumping Station12Duttabagan(Old Station)6
13Pumping Station13Duttabagan(New Station)6
14Pumping Station14Cossipore3
15Pumping Station15R.K Ghosh Road3
16Pumping Station16Jagannath ghat4
17Pumping Station17Dhapa Loc Drainage PS9033 23235536
18Pumping Station18Topsia DPS7033 23434236
19Pumping Station19Ultadanga DPS11033 23594621
20Pumping Station20Kamdahari MPS12033 24357799
21Pumping Station21Ultadanga Underpass PS2
22Pumping Station22Ultadanga Storm PS3
23Pumping Station23Patuli5
24Pumping Station24Maniktala Underpass2
25Pumping Station25Hatisur5
26Pumping Station26Topsia Point 'A'7
27Pumping Station27Chak Garia6
28Pumping Station28Baghajatin (PS1)3
29Pumping Station29Jora Bridge (PS2)6
30Pumping Station30Rajdanga (PS3)6
31Pumping Station31Nonadanga (PS4)6
32Pumping Station32Ambedkar Bridge8
33Pumping Station33Kasba5
34Pumping Station34EE-1 Minor6
35Pumping Station35Chowlpatty5
36Pumping Station36Palmer Bridge Drainage PS13033 22512402 , 033 22510053
37Pumping Station37Thanthania2033 23543748
38Pumping Station38LS-3 (Sirity)5033 24202088
39Pumping Station39LS-2 (James Long Sarani)4
40Pumping Station40Chingrighata7
41Pumping Station41Pagladanga8
42Pumping Station42Kuliatangra6
43Pumping Station43Thakery Road5
44Pumping Station44Sasisekhar5
45Pumping Station45Hastings5
46Pumping Station46Charu Avenue4
47Pumping Station47Tollygunge Golf Club4
48Pumping Station48Naktala3
49Pumping Station49Santinagar3
50Pumping Station50Ballygunge Drainage PS11033 23449142
51Pumping Station51BDPS Deeper Sump8
52Pumping Station52Jodhpur Park DPS5033 24838457
53Pumping Station53Momipur8033 24496630
54Pumping Station54Chetla Lock PS4033 24006243
55Pumping Station55Nimakmahal PS2
56Pumping Station56Kalighat DPS2033 24398857
57Pumping Station57Southern Avenue4033 24650408
58Pumping Station58Gokhel Road2
59Pumping Station59Jinjira Bazar5
60Pumping Station60Santoshpur MPS5
61Pumping Station61Santoshpur (New)6
62Pumping Station62Trenching Ground3
63Pumping Station63Dhankheti Khal5
64Pumping Station64Shakuntala Park (Node C)6
65Pumping Station65LS-9 (Near Kantapukur Morgue)4
66Pumping Station66LS-10 (Near Majherhat Bridge)3
67Pumping Station67Behala Flying Club8
68Pumping Station68CPT Canal6
69Pumping Station69Padirhati6
70Pumping Station70Kudghat L.S-56033 24310232
71Pumping Station71Rathtala L.S-1A3
72Pumping Station72Usha Gate L.S-1B3
73Pumping Station73Bansdroni L.S-2A3033 24310252
74Pumping Station74Kalibari L.S-2B4
75Pumping Station75Canal Road LS3
76Pumping Station76Buroshibtala L.S-14033 24000383
77Pumping Station77Keorapukur MPS5033 24020455
78Treatment Plants1Gardenreach STP-
79Treatment Plants2Bangur STP-
80Treatment Plants3South Suburban (Keorapukur) STP-
81Treatment Plants4Baghajatin STP-
Source:https://www.kmcgov.in/KMCPortal/jsp/PumpingStation.jsp https://www.kmcgov.in/KMCPortal/jsp/SewageTreatmentPlants.jsp
Credit:Nishanth C
License:CC BY-SA 2.5 IN: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 India
Notes:Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC), Drainage Pumping Stations & Sewage Treatment Plants

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