Water Tanker Prices Jan to Feb 2015

Area where apartment is situated
No of housing units
Source of water
Frequency of purchasing water
No of tankers
Tanker capacity (in litres)
Average tanker price
Prorated amount for 6000 litre tanker
Variation in cost with season
Hosa road4Private tanker waterWeekly104000350525No
Kaggadasapura main road24Private tanker waterDaily2NA350NARs 50 to 100
KasavanahalliDuplexPrivate tanker waterWeekly54000500750Rs 100 to 150
Mathikere1BWSSB/Municipal/Cauvery waterOnly for emergencies103000350700Rs 200 to 400
JayanagarNABWSSB/Municipal/Cauvery waterOnly for emergencies26000800800Rs 200
Jayanagar 9th blockNABWSSB/Municipal/Cauvery waterOnly for emergencies440008001200No
Gottigere15Private tanker waterDaily1.53000300600No
Haralur road2Private tanker waterWeekly44000400600No
Kaikondarahalli70Private tanker waterDaily3006000590590No
Bellandur160Private tanker waterDaily3003000450900Rs 50 to 100
Sanjaynagar1Private tanker waterOnly for emergencies64000300450No
Bellandur14Private tanker waterDaily1 to 26000475475No
Bellandur36Private tanker waterDaily36000500500No
Haralur road156Private tanker waterDaily24NA400NAYes
Bellandur27Private tanker waterDailyNA6000500500More than Rs 100
Singasandra120Private tanker waterDaily106000510510No
RT NagarNABWSSB/Municipal/Cauvery waterOnly for emergenciesHalf tanker loadNA600NASometimes
Haralur road24Private tanker waterDaily19000968645
Bommanahalli300BWSSB/Municipal/Cauvery waterOnly for emergenciesNANA750NA30 to 50 percent
Sarjapur road262Private tanker waterDaily20600048548510 to 20 percent
HSR Layout500Private tanker waterDaily206500700646No
Rajajinagar3Private tanker waterMonthly30600047547520 percent
Bellandur236Private tanker waterDaily236000485485Rs 35
Basavanagudi2BWSSB/Municipal/Cauvery waterOnly for emergencies54000650975No
Bellandur102Private tanker waterDaily50406000450450Yes
Bellandur16Private tanker waterDailyNA6000450450As per diesel prices
Haralur road1Private tanker waterWeekly56000500500Rs 100 to 250
Bellandur24Private tanker waterDailyNA6000500500Rs 25 to 50
Kanakpura road1Private tanker waterWeekly403000300600Yes
Bellandur12Private tanker waterDaily1400010001500No
Bellandur43Private tanker waterDaily56000500500Yes
Sarjapur road266Private tanker waterDaily296000500500Hike of 15% every year
Banashankari 1st stage1BWSSB/Municipal/Cauvery waterMonthly58000300225No
GottigereNAPrivate tanker waterDaily2 to 35000500600Rs 100 to 150
Vijaynagar5BWSSB/Municipal/Cauvery waterOnly for emergencies12000300900No
Gandhi nagar45BWSSB/Municipal/Cauvery waterOnly for emergencies406500500462
Madiwala5Private tanker waterDaily15NA500NA200
Ganganagar2BWSSB/Municipal/Cauvery waterOnly for emergencies54000360540Up to triple the rate
Nandini layout12BWSSB/Municipal/Cauvery waterOnly for emergencies45000500600Rs 250 to 500
Banashankari 3rd stage5BWSSB/Municipal/Cauvery waterOnly for emergencies145000500600No
Ramamurthynagar2Groundwater (Borewell)Only for emergencies55000500600Rs 250
Hebbagodi25Groundwater (Borewell)Only for emergencies515000800320No
Banashankari 3rd stage3BWSSB/Municipal/Cauvery waterOnly for emergencies1NA500NANo
Hebbagodi9Groundwater (Borewell)Only for emergencies610000300180No
Rajarajeshwari NagarBWSSB/Municipal/Cauvery waterOnly for emergencies320005001500No
Rajarajeshwari Nagar4Groundwater (Borewell)Only for emergencies35000500600Rs 150
Electronic City1200Private tanker waterDailyNA10000500300No
Kumaraswamy layout3BWSSB/Municipal/Cauvery waterOnly for emergencies3NA250NANo
Source:Citizen Matters Crowd- sourced Survey
Credit:Citizen Matters
License:odbl: Open Data Base License
Notes:Online crowd-sourced survey by Citizen Matters


  1. Excellent initiative! We should totally replicated this in cities like Pune. A suggestion : it would be great if you could add lat-long locations of these societies, and in addition to tabular view, if we could also see this on a map.

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