Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board: Cauvery River Stages

Since its inception in the year 1964, BWSSB has executed several water supply and sewage schemes for the city, including the Cauvery Water Supply Scheme (CWSS) Stages – I, II, III & Stage IV Phase – I, Phase – II.
Cauvery water supply scheme (CWSS) stage-I was commissioned in the year 1974 to augment the supply by 135 Mld. CWSS Stage-II followed and was commissioned in 1982 to further augment the supply by 135 Mld. CWSS Stage-III was commissioned in 1994-95, this stage augmented supplies by 270 mld. Cauvery water supply scheme (CWSS) stage-IV Phase I was commissioned in 2002 to augment supply by 270 Mld. CWSS Stage- IV Phase II followed and was commissioned in 2012 to further augment supply by 500 Mld.
Subsequently, the Urban Development Department, Govt. of Karnataka (GoK) allocated an additional 10 TMC (775 MLD) of Cauvery Water for Bangalore city. It is now necessary to formulate the CWSS Stage V scheme for Bangalore City and Detailed Project Report (DPR) has been prepared for getting the financial assistance from funding agencies, such as JICA (Japan International Co-operation Agency). Considering the technical aspects and water demand it is proposed to take up the Stage V Scheme in two Phases i.e., Phase I of 500 MLD (6.45 TMC) capacity and Phase II of 275 MLD (3.55 TMC) capacity.

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