BDA Revised Master Plan 2015 – Planning Districts Index Map

Note: Planning District 204 should be ‘Benson Town’ and not ‘Jayanagar’ as listed below.

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  1. Your initiative is really laudable.Before we plan for RMP2031, on behalf of all Senior Citizen of Bengaluru, I request that let us plan for a “Senior Citizen Friendly City of Bengaluru”. Before taking serious matters, let us think of smaller microlevel changes, just for a sample I give below only one of the concerns of senior citizen.
    ie.”PAVEMENT POACHING”.Hardly we find one pavement in the entire city without any kind of “poaching” which makes walking on the pavement a really hazardous and dangerous venture ns/childrens/sick ly people etc.
    If one tries to list the kind of the pleothora of poaching of pavements , the list would be very exhaustive.Starting from the road side vendors of vegetables/eatavles to the hoarding-erectors there are ennumerable kinds of poachings about which one can right a Ph.D thesis.Above all external poachers, the internal poachers are ‘each and every one of the house-owners themselves’ ,why because, all of them thinvariobly take it for granted that the length of pavement in the frontage of their house is their own property and hence plan to either raise that length of pavement from road level or give an upward/downward slopes .This makes all the pavements uneven or undulating thereby making all pavement users to encounter harardzous episodes of falling and injuring themselves for no fault of them.Apart from this, the municipal corporations’ civic contractor workers/labourers keep many stone slabs open which make it still more dangerous to walk on pavements eapecially in the night hours without proper lighting.Leaving all these , because of the fact the pavements poses extremely dangerous, public are compelled to walk on the motorabel roads leading to more traffic congestion and road accidents.
    Hence my request to all those concerned with Citizen matters oR RMP2031, Please think of thee kinds of microlevel matters that are numerous like “PAVEMENT POACHING”, AIR POLUUTION, NOISE POLLUTION due tO unbridled honking/horning ,potholes of roads,stewing plactic wastes on roads, race driving with loudest horns of two wheelrs etc. that are day to day nuisance for a peaceful living atmosphere in all the cities’ congested zones.

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