BDA Revised Master Plan 2031, Existing & Proposed Land Use Maps – Planning District 16 (GOTTIGERE)

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Part I : Existing land Use Map

Part II :Proposed land Use Map

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  1. To:
    Town Planner Member,
    Bangalore Development Authority,
    Room No. 210, 2nd Floor,
    BDA Commercial Complex,
    Banashankari, Bengaluru – 70.
    Subject: Suggestions and Comments: Draft Master Plan 2031
    Dear Sir/Ma’am,
    As an active and concerned citizen of Bengaluru, I would like to submit my comments and feedback on the Draft Master Plan 2031. My comments and suggestions in the prescribed format are as follows:
    Name: Srinivasa G Rao
    Land Use: During 1995, Bangalore was city of Parks, Gardens, Lakes. By 2018 unfortunately it has be come polluted cement and traffic city. We should use afforestation and restore greenery of Bangalore. One way to make space in existing land, is by political intervention, convert single story homes spread out in a layout to multi-story building and use the space which gets created for planting trees. It will take a strong political will and discussion with residents to bring about this change. City should be designed to support a population of 4-5 million people in 1000 km square. We are (as of 2018) 8.4 million in 700 km square. We should develop sisters cities such as Tumkur and Ramanagar instead of over populating Bangalore. Whether it is pollution, traffic, the root cause of the problem is Population! Whenever an apartment or mall is constructed, area on which trees should be planted should be indicated and made sure of by BDA/BBMP. Bangalore should have world class roads – not pot hole roads. Please request big companies with track records of creating great infrastructure such as L&T and HCC to build roads for Bangalore.
    Zoning Regulations:
    Traffic and Transportation: Bangalore should have “Traffic free spots” each with multi-level parking with many towers. In the “Traffic free spots” only vehicles allowed must be BTS, Ambulance, Police and Fire brigade vehicles. People must use BTS, go to multi-level parking, take their vehicles and travel to other traffic free spots so that inside the traffic free spot, there is greenery, peace, people can walk, breathe, play and live. Each traffic free spot must contain a school, hospital, post-office, mall, so that people rarely should travel out of traffic free spot. This must work in conjunction with Metro Rail of Bangalore. ISRO is giving electric battery/motor technology to anybody interested to develop green city. Bangalore must utilize this tech to have electric hybrids for BTS using electric charging and solar power capabilities. Life of a vehicle must be mapped – where it originates and where it has to stop. Most of traffic problems in Bangalore is because of improper parking on already narrow roads. In traffic free spot, multi-level parking with many towers should make sure vehicles are parked in parking spots only. Advanced drivers assistance systems and Self driving cars technology should be given a thought. People should be encouraged to have both 4 wheeler and 2 wheeler ( electric hybrids) and use 2 wheeler 5 days in a week and 4 wheeler 2 days in a week.
    Public Parks/Open Spaces:
    Other Issues: Use of green technologies and solar power must be definitely looked into. We need to live a plastic free life and make sure we dont create waste at all thereby altogether avoiding waste disposal needs. Bio degradable way of life what is followed in Indian villages – eating on leaf plates for example – must be followed. Defecating or Urinating in public must be severely dealt with and people should be heavily fined. Use of public toilets should be encouraged in line with “Swacch Bharat” from PM Sri Narendra Modi. Carbon fiber technology along with Electric hybrid should be used for construction of BTS (Bangalore Transportation System) vehicles so that they are as light as possible and and energy conserving as possible. This technology can be got from NAL, ISRO and HAL.
    Please take cognizance of my feedback while drafting the master plan and making any further amendments. Thank you.
    Best regards,
    Srinivasa G Rao
    1/23/2018 14:25:39

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