BDA Revised Master Plan 2031, Existing & Proposed Land Use Maps – Planning District 9 (BANSAWADI–HORAMAVU)

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Part I : Existing land Use Map

Part II :Proposed land Use Map


  1. The land on sy No 112 of Horamavu Agara on north side is proposed for 30mtr wide road, this is proposed on existing houses of general public and where as the land on Sy 16 of Byrathi Khane, adjacent to this Sy No 112 of Horavau Agara is vacant and in pocession of BDA, why BDA can not plan this proposed 30mtr road on its propert on Sy 16 of Byrati Khane without troubling and demolishing the people and buildings on Sy No 112 of Horamavu Agara.

    In view of above I srongly object this proposed road on Sy No 112 of Horamavu Agara. I have sent a letter to BDA also and Honble CM of Karnataka has instructed the BDA for consideration of above road on Sy No 16 of Byrati Khane

  2. If I am not wrong, I could notice that the area behind jayamahal palace is showing green, if it is so considered that green region as the forest area, then I strongly object this proposal.
    Thanking you,

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