BDA Revised Master Plan 2031, Vision Document


  1. An extremely convoluted document,like all the government procedures and processes, meant more to put people off, rather than make any sense! The very word ‘Development’ is an Oxymoron, as far as our Cities are concerned! No one knows what tomorrow is in store and when we cant even plan simple day to day lives of our people as of today, while sanctioning House Building Plans (like mandating parking, walking space, RWH, Garbage disposal,and such commonsensical things) what are we targetting at for 2031???!!!

  2. 1. This is an extremely verbose Document that has too less substance compared to the content. A Vision document is supposed to be very simple and relevant – ‘To the Point’, so that even a layman can understand it in less than a minute of going through. I am sure in its current format, even many planning experts would be unable to comprehend the vision.
    Without a Clear Vision, there is no clear Mission. Without a clear Mission, sputtered development is what we will see.
    You may refer to Tokyo Metropolitan Master Plan Vision Document for example -> So simple and easy to understand.
    2. Make all your content visual. Rather than uploading the maps straight away, please share numbers, figures, charts -> What X% land is going to be used for XXXX. Make it simple to understand
    With this, may be it would be easy for Public to give feedback

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