BDA Revised Master Plan 2031, Zoning Regulations


  1. Hi, Thanks for the great information, expecting CDP details also on the same portal to follow the by-laws in the further.
    Thanks and regards,

  2. When will the CDP 20131 be finalised and when will it be in force?
    When can the apply for building approval plans in CDP 2031?

  3. Table 2:2015 plan had set backs as a% of plot dimensions. For a 12x18m plot the setbacks were Front 12% sides and rear 8%.That is Front 12/100×18=2.16m,Sides ans Rear 8/100×12=0.96m.In the Proposal side & rear set back is increased to 2 m ! Existing set back norms should be retained.
    Insted of description set back, parking, projection norms for different plot sizes can be illustrated with annotated sketches in Plan and Elevation.

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