Comprehensive Traffic & Transportation Plan for Bangalore: Table of Contents

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  1. The traffic police and the concerned urban development dept.should visit Wilson Garden and see for themselves the violations by BMTC ,SRS and KPN Transport services. These players have built their own bus stations in a mutation zone in violations of the zonal regulations. Logistic companies and flowers vendors have opened their godowns with their entire fleet. These guys have blocked roads and pavements with their goods and vehicles. Theses buses pollute and honk all day in and out. Trucks also use freely without observing HT ban. For the last 5 years atrocities by these vehicles are unbearable. Pavements have been occupied vendors and pedestrians have no place to walk on side walks and pavements have been dug up for ages. There is no development of Wilson Garden for the last 10 years but only systemic deterioration for the reasons best known to the concerned people. We have never seen so many commercial activities in residential area 24/7/365 days with all sorts of violations. Pollution of all sorts very highest

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