Bengaluru Transport Datajam – Part 2 : (Rescheduled) 5th Oct 2019

October 5, 2019

time: 10:00 am

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About this event

The idea of the DataJam is to explore, analyze and understand the state of transportation and commuting in Bangalore using open data. For instance, some of the questions we may analyze would include: “Which areas of the city are well serviced by buses & metro? What does Uber usage look like at different times of the day?”

If you enjoy engaging with data and trying to make sense of it, come and join us. We will divide people in groups. Each group will have people from different backgrounds who will work together.

Who can attend?
Anyone interested in the urban transport scene of Bangalore can attend this event. You can be a data geek, a student, a statistician, a journalist, a development professional or just urban transport enthusiasts. You’re all welcome.

BMTC Head Office
85, KH Road · Bengaluru
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Submited By: Nishanth C

Date Posted: September 13, 2019