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June 20, 2017 Nishanth C

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Is a school responsible when child abuse takes place on its premises
NBF and Vibgyor parents launch ‘Child Safe Bengaluru’ campaign
Mystery of Vibgyor arrests: Will the child ever get justice?
Justice for abused children: Fasttrack courts and following rules
School chairman arrested for not reporting rape to police
Bangalore school rape incident triggers NIMHANS advisory on Child Abuse
Action against Vibgyor on cards, arrested to be booked under Goonda Act
Arrested instructor coached hundreds of kids in Whitefield, community shocked
40 points Vibgyor parents want the school to address
State asks ICSE board to cancel school’s licence: Second blow to Vibgyor parents
‘Unfortunate incident,’ says Vibgyor High head
Alleged rape in school: Bengaluru parents erupt in anger,

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Will a password between you and your kid ensure safety?
Who cares for the security in Bengaluru’s government schools?
Under the mango tree
Are you supporting rape? Inadvertently?
Stand up for your daughter



Understanding Child Sexual Abuse
What can you do to protect your child? How can you be supportive of an abused child?
Dealing with Child Sexual Abuse
What can you do to safeguard your child from child sexual abuse?
Safe and Unsafe touch
Never take you child’s safety for granted. Educate him/her!
How should a case of child abuse be dealt with under POCSO?
The POCSO Act looks to secure quick justice without causing any additional trauma to the victim of child sexual abuse.
NIMHANS’ Advisory on Child Abuse
Deal with child sexual abuse the right way.
Helping children at risk in Bangalore 
How to rescue a child from an abusive household or employer.
Shielding children from gory news
Help your child make sense of all the bad news that he/she is exposed to, by the media

External Resources

Enfold India – A Bangalore-based trust working towards creating a social environment where every child is safe.
Childline India – 1098, India’s first 24-hour, free, emergency phone service for children in need of aid and assistance.
The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act 2012 – GazetteReader-friendly version
Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Amendment Act, 2006

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