Resources – General Elections 2024

April 15, 2024 Vaidya R

Here’s a list of resources, both in and outside that you can use to find information regarding the general elections 2024. Some of these resources are mainly for major cities – Bengaluru Urban, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi.

2024 Polling

  1. Parliamentary constituencies map for India has been added here. It includes both the map from 2019 and the one for 2024. The main difference between the two is in J&K where the assembly and parliamentary constituencies were delimited in 2022.
  2. Voter rolls: Final voter rolls at assembly constituency level for major cities is here. The data is currently for Bengaluru Urban and Chennai. We will update the dataset as more information comes in.
  3. Manifestos of political parties can be found here.
  4. Affidavits of candidates contesting from major parties have been added here. These include constituencies that are inside cities like Bengaluru Urban, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi.
  5. MP LADs spending for the 17th Lok Sabha (the one that is coming to an end now) can be found here.

Past elections

  1. Constituency-wise results for the 2019 elections can be found here. The source of the data is Lok Dhaba.
  2. Party manifestos from the 2019 elections have been added here.
  3. State-wise Election commission seizure reports have been added here.

These are some of the important resources that can help you analyze the elections. If you need any other information, do reach out to us through the comments or send us an email at