Consider using as a way to store and manage your data while also making it available to others who might want to use it.


As civil society organisations, you may be collecting public data on health, environment or other topics. Data is often lost within organisations hard disks or in isolated silos. We invite you to share your data publicly so that it can see benefits beyond individual organisations’ reach and impact. This will be a convenient way for organisations to cross pollinate projects and collaborate too.

For RWAs /Civic Groups

As citizens working on better neighbourhoods, you will collect data related to ward budgets, programme of works, citizen audit data (e.g. a footpath audit) – you can share those here. All data that are used in Citizen Matters news stories like budgets, Detailed Project Reports etc will also be shared here that you can use freely!

For Data Geeks

This site is for people who like to play and experiment with data. If you are interested in urban data then this site is there for you to look at what datasets are available, download the data, do analysis, use it for projects, produce visualizations and share with your audience. But be sure to attribute back and share with us what you did so we can also share.

For Citizens/Researchers

Let us know what data you are interested in having and we can try to locate it. Share your experiences trying to get statistics from the government. If you are collecting some data for a project consider sharing it here so others can access it when they need it.
To share or let us know what your project is please email us at opencity [at] oorvani [dot] in