Bengaluru BBMP Officers Contact Numbers by ward

Data from Sep 2015.

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  1. I have a food counter in Global Technology Park, Bellandur, Outer Ring Road, Bangalore.
    I would like to apply and get licence and food license

  2. Leaves have been piled up for 15 days, and animals like rats died under it for one week, no one is picking up, I called srilakshmiji of ward 18 , but not interested in this, I don’t have another ph number

  3. Honey bees forming nest on street light, bees are flying around the houses. It’s dangerous to us please take action to control it. Ward no.191 Sinhasandra. Location:Hosa road , Central jail road right side, No.804, 5th cross.

  4. Wrong street no. on new signpost. Wrong matter on signboard
    Correct no is 1 st B Cross, KHB Colony, 3 rd Cross, 5 th block
    5 the Block,(Opp. 6 th Block POST OFFICE)
    Koramangala,Bangalore 560095

  5. I dont understand what is the purpose of sharing WARD officers contact details, I belong to ward 128, when contacted Lakshmi Narsimaiya, he does not bother to speak up after picking the call and there is another number Suresh’s, whose number mostly will be switched off..Can someone advise how to get hold of 128 Ward number BBMP officer, thanks!

  6. In Wilson Garden BBMP is responsible in escalating trash. Their employees encourage Push car vendors to encroach side walks. These Push cart vendors cook on the pavements some dirty non veg food with unbearable stench in Wilson Garden near the park. We are unable to walk in the park due this unbearable stench. The whole areas including side walks and roads are all littered with used plastic plates and plasitc spoons. These Cart vendors have the audacity to litter openly with the support of BBMP employees like Obalesh who collects bribes from all the push cart vendors on regular basis to the tune of few thousands. Because of these bribes he cannot do justice to his job of keeping hte areas clean. Not only he accepts money as bribes but also eats the eatables given by the push cart vendors. What is the use of BBMP keeping this kind of useless persons to monitor cleanliness when he himself is responsible for creating littering on day to day basis. You walk on any road you find filth and littering with huge mounds. Clearing trash has been a casualty in Wilson Gardens. Even Sweepers are wining their time by not sweeping the roads and side walks.
    BBMP should initiate serious actions against such lethargic and corrupt staff of BBMP. For them supporting such littering vendors are more important then theor original job!

  7. In Wilson Gardens residents are suffering due to parking of commercial vehicles in front of houses for hours to days. One one is taking actions despite many letters to concerned dept. officials. Parking of trucks and mini trucks are parked in front of houses blocking the entrance. Police and BBMp officials have failed in their duty to halt the practices of running Transport offices in residential areas. Goods Consignments are unloaded on pavements blocking pavements. Flowers Vendors are another biggest violators blocking the roads with their Transport Vehicles on the both the sides of the roads. These guys seems to be taking good care of the concerned dept. officials to freely operate to their volition.
    All the Footpaths have been encroached by push cart vendors in Wilson Garden. Near the Kittur Rani Chennamma Park non veg food is being cooked and sold on the footpath. Due to this huge stench is emanating from morning to late night. BBMP officials,Hoysala and traffic police are taken care by this fellow with good sums and free food. No body questions despite huge littering and traffic jams due to his customers parking their vehicles on the middle of the road. Most of the problems in residential areas are due to corrupt system in our Society

  8. URGENT ATTENTION NEEDED: 200 meter Road needs to be constructed ASAP. Road leading to Sakra Hospital on which serious trauma patients travel multiple times in Ambulance has huge pot holes. There is atleast one accident everyday on this small stretch. We are waiting for a major disaster to happen.
    This small stretch provides access to many communities around Sakra hospital and is the ONLY way to enter that area. Urgent attention needed from BBMP officials.

  9. Mari munniyamma Lane ganigarpet nagarathpet from past one weak nobody has come to clean the road and its smell so bad v can’t even walk on the road

  10. Sir, like to inform you that on the Adrahalli mainroad and Maruthinagar 7th E, cross, 7th main raod, we have so many industries and it is residential area. the garbage is poured on the main road itself where it difficult to move. There are many pigs and mosquitoes living in it. since there is so much infection and virus spreading. It will effect health very badly. Dengu, Nipah and other virus can spread fast.
    Please take immediate action and do the needful at the earliest.

  11. I am living at 2nd main road, New BDA Layout, BSK 3rd Stage (Ward 158), owing to the fact that there is a gradient on our road, the dirty water after washing of houses is flowing in front of my house causing hygiene problems.Despite having a drain to pass through the water, some people have blocked resulting in the flow of water in front of my house. Therefore, it is requested that necessary action may be taken immediately. Furthermore, I request you to punch one more drain (hole) to ease the problem.
    Since it is a question of hygiene problem, it is urged that that the may be rectified immediately.
    Thanking you,

  12. QUICK ACTION REQUIRED : Unoccupied building lying in a very bad shape for 15 years in HAL II Stage, 100ft Road, Building No. 384/1, After Mysore Bank vacated from the premises, the premises is empty and locked for 15 years, people are throwing garbage in the building, some use it for toilet purpose, it is polluting, we are concerned for our health too. Please find the owner of the building to clean it up or take severe action. Last month BBMP commissioner had come and had view and promised to take action, so for nothing has been done. Hope this message gets to the right official.

  13. The streets are not cleaned daily in spite women s are coming for cleaning and not. cleaning properly. in R.K.Garden, 3rd cross where Ex ministers house is also there.New BEL Road, Mathikere, bangalore54

  14. The streets are not cleaned daily in spite womens are coming for cleaning at Jai Bharath Nagar 5th cross. There are many bear bottles along with garbage lying infront of the gate. Please take some action.

  15. I stay in Prashanthnagar (kaveripura Ward). The junction between 4th Main Road & 10th A Cross is littered with garbage as there is a BBMP auto parked and people from nearby places throw things there. But stray dogs and stray animals pull out the garbages from the auto and spill it on the road. Now, stinking smell is coming inside our house and no one in the area is conerned about this menace.
    Please take immediate action.

  16. Ward no 126 Maruti mandir.
    Road 3rd Main , 3RD Cross. Situated just Opposite to 126 Newly constructed ward office.
    Having one black Rabbis affected dog roaming around the 3rd and 2nd main road.
    complained BBMP authority. Till now no action.

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