Bengaluru Constituency Datajam Tables

April 13, 2023 Vaidya R

The Bengaluru Constituency Datajam was held on the 1st of April 2023. The main goal of the datajam was to get participants to evaluate how the 28 constituencies are doing on different parameters. The following are the findings and evaluation for four different parameters – health, education, mobility and civic participation.

The constituencies are rated as H – High, M – Medium and L – Low. This is based on their relative positions with respect to each other. Given that there are 28 constituencies, the top 9 constituencies for a parameter are rated H, the next 9 as M and the last 9 or 10 as L.


AC NumAC NameNumber UPHCsPopulation/PHCNumber of Namma ClinicsPopulation/Namma Clinic
150Yelahanka 220360900
151Krishnarajapuram 41218873162515
152Byatarayanapura 858726678301
153Yeshwantpur 51031434128929
155Dasarahalli 672125586550
156Mahalakshmi Layout555409555409
157Malleshwaram 1216774454194
158Hebbal 644935467402
159Pulakeshinagar (SC)829019458039
160Sarvagnanagar 488402570721
161C. V. Raman Nagar643895552673
162Shivajinagar 364979448734
163Shanti Nagar 826593370913
164Gandhi Nagar 1219934373311
165Rajaji Nagar 450322450322
166Govindraj Nagar 1281098556220
167Vijay Nagar 472521396694
168Chamrajpet 00455084
169Chickpet 1217756371022
170Basavanagudi 636942455414
171Padmanabhanagar 467324644883
172B.T.M. Layout 737793552911
173Jayanagar 2100813450406
174Mahadevapura (SC)10572545114508
175Bommanahalli 6721254108188
176Bangalore South 7929334162633
Constituency-wise availability of PHCs and Namma Clinics
AC NumAC NameNumber of AnganwadisPopulation/AnganwadiNumber of BBMP HCsNumber of BBMP Maternity Hospitals
150Yelahanka 49831101
151Krishnarajapuram 78625100
152Byatarayanapura 81580000
153Yeshwantpur 77669811
155Dasarahalli 78544000
156Mahalakshmi Layout85554801
157Malleshwaram 30325921
158Hebbal 35722621
159Pulakeshinagar (SC)78770301
160Sarvagnanagar 48297610
161C. V. Raman Nagar39736701
162Shivajinagar 11675332
163Shanti Nagar 22967002
164Gandhi Nagar 56392721
165Rajaji Nagar 39516101
166Govindraj Nagar 49573700
167Vijay Nagar 55527400
168Chamrajpet 77286252
169Chickpet 36591905
170Basavanagudi 24923631
171Padmanabhanagar 45598401
172B.T.M. Layout 49539900
173Jayanagar 191061200
174Mahadevapura (SC)77743600
175Bommanahalli 421030400
176Bangalore South 70929340
Constituency-wise availability of Anganwadis, Referral hospitals and maternity hospitals
  • Population per PHC/Namma Clinic or Anganwadi is derived using population density around the health care unit under consideration. The voter rolls data for 2023 is used as a proxy for population in the absence of accurate census data.
  • The source of the locations for health care centres and Anganwadis is the data from the Government of Karnataka stored in


AC NumAC NamePublic SchoolsPrivate SchoolsArea in sq km served by a Govt school (smaller is better)Rating (H- High, M- Medium, L-Low)
150Yelahanka 213016.67L
151Krishnarajapuram 601000.93M
152Byatarayanapura 45824.76L
153Yeshwantpur 46848.33L
155Dasarahalli 301041.22L
156Mahalakshmi Layout13960.69M
157Malleshwaram 18510.77M
158Hebbal 19800.59H
159Pulakeshinagar (SC)19920.41H
160Sarvagnanagar 31920.54H
161C. V. Raman Nagar27490.8M
162Shivajinagar 16620.79M
163Shanti Nagar 26330.83M
164Gandhi Nagar 22500.32H
165Rajaji Nagar 14700.39H
166Govindraj Nagar 19730.54H
167Vijay Nagar 17850.49H
168Chamrajpet 30630.14H
169Chickpet 21660.52H
170Basavanagudi 6501.15L
171Padmanabhanagar 15840.71M
172B.T.M. Layout 22480.68M
173Jayanagar 10610.93M
174Mahadevapura (SC)38426.25L
175Bommanahalli 261011.25L
176Bangalore South 381036.25L
Constituency-wise accessibility to schools
  • The source for the number of private and public schools is the UDISE+, 2021-22, report from the Ministry of Education.
  • The area of each constituency is obtained from the map of constituencies from the Government of Karnataka on

Public Transport Availability

AC NumAC NameNum of Metro stationsAverage distance to a metro station (km)Num of Bus stopsBus Stops per Unit AreaBus Stops ScoreBus Number of Daily TripsBus Trips per 100 ResidentsBus Trips Score
150Yelahanka 0131288.63636L5235313.99678M
151Krishnarajapuram 24112200L5386712.29402L
152Byatarayanapura 0120999.05213L5407212.88367M
153Yeshwantpur 61416105.0505L7489016.51171M
155Dasarahalli 21194254.0541L5315412.15977L
156Mahalakshmi Layout4340444.4444H3928713.69252M
157Malleshwaram 2150357.1429M7178133.61525H
158Hebbal 0544400M3078712.17431L
159Pulakeshinagar (SC)0341512.5H3253914.03069M
160Sarvagnanagar 0472423.5294H3819511.41946L
161C. V. Raman Nagar3475340.9091M5301520.34664M
162Shivajinagar 5163484.6154H12915367.43296H
163Shanti Nagar 1157259.0909L7270733.27399H
164Gandhi Nagar 4121300M4309819.30404M
165Rajaji Nagar 01429580L2331611.23002L
166Govindraj Nagar 1141410H4739916.44366M
167Vijay Nagar 41028350M269848.835857L
168Chamrajpet 2114350M3632316.74643M
169Chickpet 3443390.9091M13146860.62959H
170Basavanagudi 01931442.8571H163276.842346L
171Padmanabhanagar 0157518.1818H6419123.96358H
172B.T.M. Layout 0451340M5579321.14493H
173Jayanagar 4244488.8889H4941325.28761H
174Mahadevapura (SC)10223194.67213L10307521.8881H
175Bommanahalli 1286268.75L6481816.0029M
176Bangalore South 26298127.3504L6305710.84531L
177Anekal (SC)0722558.74674L3874711.1308L
Constituency-wise access to public transport.

Civic Participation

AC NumAC NameVoter turnout 2018 Voter turnout 2013Total ward committee meetingsWard committee Meetings per wardRating (High/Medium/Low)
150Yelahanka 62.7266.9313132.8H
151Krishnarajapuram 5458.9122825.3M
152Byatarayanapura 54.2563.0619628H
153Yeshwantpur 5566.2414529H
155Dasarahalli 45.0455.5424730.9H
156Mahalakshmi Layout54.1260.2828841.1H
157Malleshwaram 56.0862.337711L
158Hebbal 54.3354.8920125.1M
159Pulakeshinagar (SC)51.9256.3720128.7H
160Sarvagnanagar 50.3350.2418823.5M
161C. V. Raman Nagar47.453.8514921.3M
162Shivajinagar 54.2754.3310915.5L
163Shanti Nagar 51.5557.89413.5L
164Gandhi Nagar 53.9457.4711015.7L
165Rajaji Nagar 56.8861.2313519.3L
166Govindraj Nagar 52.5554.829710.8L
167Vijay Nagar 49.0456.4711514.4L
168Chamrajpet 54.4158.9221330.4H
169Chickpet 56.4257.9820329H
170Basavanagudi 53.0152.3315425.7M
171Padmanabhanagar 57.7658.4417722.1M
172B.T.M. Layout 49.3953.4315619.5L
173Jayanagar 54.9255.9315322M
174Mahadevapura (SC)49.1861.5414418L
175Bommanahalli 46.0154.0912716L
176Bangalore South 43.6756.0316623.7M
177Anekal (SC)59.9968.892020M
Constituency-wise civic participation
  • Voter turnout data is from the Election Commission site and can be found here.
  • Ward committee meetings data is from BBMP for the period 2020-22 and can be found here.
  • Number of grievances filed in Janaagraha’s I Change My City portal between 2019 and 2022 are here.
  • Fix My Street was an app launched by BBMP for citizens to log their pothole related grievances. Data for May and June 2022 can be found here, both aggregated at ward and constituency level and a map of the potholes.