Resources – Karnataka Elections 2023

April 26, 2023 Vaidya R

Here’s a list of resources, both in and outside that you can use to find information regarding the elections. These resources are for Bengaluru Urban district polling information, and likely do not apply for the rest of the state.

2023 polling

  1. Voter Rolls: Final voter rolls were published by the CEO Karnataka on Jan 15th 2023. You can find the final voter counts here in
  2. Constituency booths can be found here in the CEO Karnataka site. You can find maps of the booths here in
  3. Assembly Constituency maps for Karnataka as well as Bengaluru Urban can be found here in You can also find an interactive map with ward maps (both 198 and 243) and the constituency map for Bengaluru Urban combined here.
  4. Manifestos of political parties as well as from citizen groups can be found here.
  5. Affidavits of the candidates can be found in the Election Commission of India website here. You can filter by constituency. Those of Bengaluru Urban district constituencies, from the four major parties – INC, BJP, JDS and AAP can be found on here. ADR (Association for Democratic Reforms) also has a summary from the affidavits for all candidates contesting the elections. You can find that here.

Your MLA’s performance

  1. Attendance record of MLAs in Bengaluru in the last five years can be found here.
  2. List of Business for the 15th Karnataka legislative assembly (2018-2023) can be found here. This contains each session as one text file.
  3. Assembly proceedings – questions and answers – for the past five years are uploaded here.
    How to find details of your MLA? We have an explainer to help you find that.
  4. Data on number of schools, PHCs, Namma Clinics, Anganwadis, bus stops, frequency, metro stations (currently operational only), voter turnout, ward committee meetings etc, can be found here in this post.

Past elections

  1. Results from 2018 elections can be found here in For detailed analysis of other constituencies, please check
  2. Total booth level voters for 2018 elections can be found here.
  3. Results from 2013 elections can be found here in For more detailed analysis check the site linked above.

These are some of the important resources that can help you analyze the elections. If you need any other information, do reach out to us through the comments or send us an email at