Survey for Mobility in Sarjapura Road Surroundings

November 27, 2023 Vaidya R is working with “SoS – Save our Sarjapura Road – Fix the Traffic” on a survey to collect information on the commuting patterns of residents in South-East Bengaluru – those living around Bellandur and Sarjapura Road.

“SoS-Fix the traffic” is a coalition of local volunteers from Bellandur Forum, Iblur Environment Trust, Kasavanahalli Development Forum, and Bangalore Apartment Federation and other residents. The information collected from the survey will be used to support the demand for better transport solutions — including better bus routes and schedules, shuttles/feeder options, support for cyclists, better footpaths among others.

To participate in the survey please fill the following form:
If you face issues with that form, try (Fill only one form though.)

SoS – Fix the Traffic will also be working with the Personal to Public (P2P) campaign by WRI, ORRCA and others. Along with demand for buses, they are also lobbying for better footpath and safer junctions.

You can see the data collected so far in this map.